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  • 19.12
    Jeffrey’s Cinema #4

    BLUE 1993
    Directed by Derek Jarman
    73 minutes
    In English, no subtitles

    At the end of his life, as he was dying from AIDS, the great British director Derek Jarman became blind. So for his last film, his swan song, he decided to make a movie that was visually totally blue, and he created a beautifully composed soundtrack to carry the narrative. And what a n incredible narrative it is – his intimate account of blindness, and slow death from his illness. The narration text is read aloud by some marvelous voices – including Tilda Swinton and John Quentin – who express the director’s thoughts, memories and meditations. These spoken reflections are mixed with a montage of sound effects and music.

    This is the last masterpiece, in fact the last breath, of one of cinema’s visionaries. It remains one of his most exceptional movies, and it might sound strange to say this, but it needs to be seen on a big screen, engulfed in a void of blue.

    Director John Waters said “I saw Blue in its opening week in New York, in 1993. There was a big sign outside the movie theatre that read, ‘Warning: this film is only the colour blue’. Talk about a marketing nightmare! People had flipped out and wanted their money back. Blue is as beautiful as a minimalist art piece. It’s hypnotising. You feel like you’re tripping after a while. Derek Jarman was going blind as he made it, and Blue was a beautiful, radical way to deal with dying from AIDS. Half of my friends died of AIDS in the 80s so it’s a tearjerker – but it’s not self-pitying. It’s smart, angry and very, very sad. Minimalist cinema is a small genre, but this would be the Rosebud of minimalist cinema. It’s extreme, and it completely defied the movie business. I felt Derek was a kindred spirit.”
    This will be a high-def blue screening.


    Rozenstraat 59 (former the Stedelijk Bureau)
    Films start at 19:00, doors open at 18:30
    Free entrance

  • 17.12
    Screening feature film Beyond Index

    Beyond Index is an original travelogue across economic superpower China, an essay on capital and utopia. In an age which often measures art in terms of capitalist productivity, Beyond Index investigates whether art has the power to undermine or destabilize capitalist neoliberal regimes. Can it wake up and shake up passive and complacent spectators?


    Beyond Index also explores the creative challenges facing novice artists in their confrontation with the classics. The moment they begin exploring their own artistic path. In the film artwork, a group of Chinese art students copy a Rococo painting and paintings by Picasso, Matisse and Renoir. A newcomer who has named himself after Yves Klein introduces the colour blue as if it were a mind-altering elixir. When one of the students is finally asked to reproduce a photograph of Yves Klein, she decides to copy the work in a new and original way by leaping into the void herself.


    New media pioneer Gerald van der Kaap was one of the first VJs in the 1990s. In his film artwork he also makes use of trance-like collages. The interior shots in the painting factory were filmed by Jia Zhangke’s crew. The music is by the Berlin DJ/producer set Âme (Frank Wiedemann and Kristian Rädle).

  • 13.12
    Rosebud #2: Salim Bayri and G Lucas-Going

    Salim Bayri and G Lucas -Going will be collaborating for their second time in the Netherlands,

    bonded by miscellaneous adventures and 6 hour art work days (because 8 hours is just ridiculous.)

    They will be performing at Rose is a rose is a rose followed by a listening session which involves communicating/mis communicating in song only.







    Download the free face app for entry*

    *If unable too then we also don’t care, this is for everyone not just for the boujee with smartphones

    **G & Salim, Castricum’s beach 2019, 35mm color film by Donghwan Kam, edited for the purpose of this performance only.

  • 08.12
    DNK Presents: Duo ‘Actualizing Communities’

    Duo: ‘Actualizing Communities’


    Aaron Foster Breilyn – Percussion (US)
    Thea Mesirow – cello (US)


    and members of the DNK ensemble:

    Seamus Cater
    Koen Nutters
    Tao G. Vhrovec Sambolec


    on instruments, objects, and devices


    playing brand new pieces by:

    Antoine Beuger, Jeff Brown, Aaron Foster Breilyn, Eva-Maria Houben, Koen Nutters & Emmanuelle Waeckerle.


    “Actualizing Communities”, organized and to be performed by Thea Mesirow and Aaron Foster Breilyn, is an attempt to demonstrate the effect that community, audience, and space have on the performance. In the past 7 years of working together, some coast-to-coast, we have seen the incredible support and inclusion that the experimental music community offers, and wanted to formally explore the aspects that draw us not only to the music, but to the people.

    The project is in production and includes the commissioning of four new pieces by Antoine Beurger (Dusseldorf), Jeff Brown (Berlin), Emmanuelle Waeckerle (London), and Aaron Foster Breilyn (NYC), performed alongside pieces by Pauline Oliveros, Eva-Maria Houben, Koen Nutters, and Reiko Füting. This program will be performed in the communities of each commissioned composer and various locations throughout Europe and the United States. In each of these cities we will collaborate with the composers and local musicians, reinforcing the communal aspects of performance.



    Antoine Beuger – Do we still have time?
    Eva-Maria Houben – Throngs
    Emanuelle Waeckerle – Some and else where

    Aaron Foster Breilyn – Servation in abeyance
    Jeff Brown – The Propagation of dust
    Koen Nutters – Intervals, time and space between

  • 23.11
    Vleeshal @ Amsterdam Art Weekend: Performance Martina-Sofie Wildberger

    In het nomadisch programma gaat de Vleeshal op reis en organiseert programma’s in samenwerking met culturele partners in binnen- en buitenland. Tijdens het Amsterdam Art Weekend 2019 presenteert de Vleeshal de performance I/WANT/TO/SAY/SOMETHING van Martina-Sofie Wildberger bij project space ROZENSTRAAT – a rose is a rose is a rose.


    Het werk van Wildberger gaat over de kracht van gesproken taal. In de performance herhalen drie performers, onder wie de kunstenaar zelf, de woorden I/WANT/TO/SAY/SOMETHING, steeds in een ander ritme, een andere intensiteit en in een andere ruimtelijke verhouding tot elkaar. De betekenis van de woorden wordt anders naarmate de toon van hun stem – rustig, luid, alarmerend, eenzaam, berustend – en hun fysieke interactie verandert. In hun collectieve uiting van spraak tonen zij hoe woorden in verschillende situaties een andere betekenis kunnen dragen.


    Martina-Sofie Wildberger (1985, Zürich) deed een Master Fine Arts aan de Haute école d’art et de design (HEAD) (2011) en een Master Kunstgeschiedenis aan Université de Genève
(2014). Haar werk was o.a. te zien bij Centre Culturel Suisse (Parijs); la Kunsthalle Mulhouse; Kunstmuseum Glarus; Fri-Art (Fribourg); Kunsthaus Aarau; Palais de l’Athénée (Genève); Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève; SALTS (Birsfelden); Kunsthaus Baselland; en Tinguely Museum (Basel). Zij deed artist-in-residencies in New York, Berlijn en Parijs en was in 2018 fellow aan het Istituto Svizzero di Roma in Italië. Wildbergerwas de winnaar van de Swiss Art Award in 2012 en in 2019 won zij de Manor Kunstpreis Schaffhausen.


    Performance door: Martina-Sofie Wildberger, Tobias Bienz, Denise Hasler


    Met financiële ondersteuning van Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia.


    Afbeelding: Martina-Sofie Wildberger, I WANT TO SAY SOMETHING, 2017_2018, Performance with Tobias Bienz and Julia Sewing, Kunsthaus Zofingen, 2018 Association 18, Genève, Photo Dominik Zietlow

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