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ROZENSTRAAT – A rose is a rose is a rose


  • 09.10
    Book launch Sacha Bronwasser – Niets is gelogen
  • 06.10
    Launch of SIC Intertrashional #5 ROOT by Milena Bonilla & Bea McMahon

    Please come to the launch of SIC Intertrashional #5 ROOT


    at ROZENSTRAAT – a rose is a rose is a rose, Amsterdam


    6th October 2019 at 6pm


    Milena told Bea about roots growing in the earth. She said they find a space that the earth has vacated for them so they can enter into it bit by bit. 3 months later, Bea said to Milena “Remember that thing you told me about the roots? Like how the earth moves aside for them, so they can travel through it”. Milena replied “No, Bea! I didn’t tell you that! What I said is that in the last chapter of The Power of Movement in Plants, Darwin proposes that the tip of a root behaves as if it is a sort of earthworm, providing the root with an intelligence that is able to follow the path of least resistance in the soil”.


    What Milena said and what Bea understood are nearly in the same place – a technical melancholy.


    SIC Intertrashional is a mostly black and white A4 zine featuring writers and artists.


    SIC is uncorrected.


    SIC is distributed at the launch on the 6th October.


    There are performances by some of the contributors at the launch. The performances are an extension of the printed paper part.


    With contributions by Joost Krijnen, Locky Morris, Nolwenn Salaün, Santiago Fernandez de Mosteyrín, Tchelet Pearl Weisstub, Michiel Hilbrink, Dongyoung Lee, Ana María Gómez López, Arvo Leo, Evelyn Taocheng Wang, Ivan Cheng, Pádraic E. Moore, Sinéad Ní Mhaonaigh, Gaëlle Choisne, Gemma Browne, Temra Pavlovic, Nicanor Parra, Charles Heranval, Leonid Tsvekov, Stav Yeini, Natalia Domínguez Rangel, Lev Ilizirov, AA, Bruno Zhu, Jean Baptiste Maitre, Laurent-David Garnier, Miklos Gaál, Adam Chodzko, Ran Zhang, Christine Moldrickx, Natasha Papadopoulou.


    We want to express our gratitude to the AFK for their generous support.

  • 27.09
    Book Launch De Kunstmeisjes

    Waar gaat ons boek over? Bij onze uitgeverij hebben ze gedurende het afgelopen jaar onze hoofdstukken talloze keren onder ogen gehad, dus wie beter om de eerste introductie te doen:

    De Kunstmeisjes – Mirjam Kooiman, Nathalie Maciesza en Renee Schuiten-Kniepstra – schrijven enthousiast en aanstekelijk over oude en moderne kunst – zowel voor de doorgewinterde kunstliefhebber als de beginnende enthousiasteling

    Gemiddeld kijken mensen twintig seconden naar een kunstwerk. Maar welke geheimen ontvouwen zich na dat moment? De Kunstmeisjes, drie jonge kunsthistorici, nemen je mee langs hun vijftig favoriete kunstwerken in Nederlandse musea. Van Frans Hals, Breitner en Morandi tot Yayoi Kusama, Louise Bourgeois en Anish Kapoor. Ze duiken onder het oppervlak van de kunstwerken en vertellen de verrassende, ontroerende en grappige verhalen die zich daar verschuilen. Dat kunst niet moeilijk is, en al helemaal niet elitair, laten ze zien aan de hand van oude én moderne kunst.

    Laat je verleiden door wat De Kunstmeisjes schrijven. Zij leren je avontuurlijker te kijken naar wat er op een kunstwerk allemaal gebeurt en vertellen er intrigerende anekdotes en leuke weetjes over. Met hun unieke en actuele blik op kunst maken zij het kijken naar een Rembrandt net zo toegankelijk als een avondje Netflixen. Kunst wordt zo niet alleen interessanter en leuker, maar je zult ook eerder tot in je hart en ziel en zelfs je lachspieren geraakt worden.

  • 28.07
    Jeffrey’s Cinema(s) #3

    Join us for an evening with Jeffrey Babcock where we shall explore a series of underground, almost forgotten films, that explore the themes of self autonomy that align with the motif of Grace’s exhibition.




    Directed by Jane Arden
    106 minutes
    In English


    Why is this film so unknown and neglected? Is it because of its controversial theme of anti-psychiatry, or its cutting-edge experimental film style, or because it’s directed by a woman? Probably a combination of all three, but one thing that’s for sure is male filmmakers are permitted to break the rules (like Jodorowsky, or Lynch) in ways that women are not. Instead of being praised as visionaries, women are more likely to be exorcised from the scene for their transgressions. Like the avant-garde films of Maya Deren, Arden refuses to imitate male cinema, and throws herself into the struggle of finding a new cinematic language. Society has a nasty way of editing out anything it doesn’t want to face, and female desire is one of those contradictions. In fact, after this movie was made it was quickly sent into oblivion, and was impossible to see for twenty-five years.


    Director Jane Arden had participated in the anti-psychiatry wave of the 1970s that questioned whether ‘madness’ can be understood from a straight rational scientific perspective. So instead Arden throws us into a dreamworld… an expressionist, experimental approach based on raw emotional experience. It starts with a woman being pulled from a river and taken to an institution where she is treated for schizophrenia. The film gives us no safe distance from her crisis, and soon we find ourselves plunged into a hallucinatory psych-drama, flickering with smouldering images, both poetic and searing. As we plunge into the shattered psyche of this woman, instead of finding an illness deep within those cold waters, we find the fears, repressions, scars and taboos of a fucked-up society.


    Jane Arden created this movie together with an all-female theatre collective called Holocaust (of which Arden was a member). The film is a real ‘journey to the end of the night’ and is set to an amazing soundtrack composed by unknown female cellist Sally Minford. A fierce critique of the power relation between patients and doctors, pumped full of crazy spellbinding imagery.






  • 28.07
    Pitfall On the Way To a New Neo Plasticism, an afternoon on the life and practice of Bas Jan Ader

    On Sunday July 28 from 1 pm, Marion van Wijk and Koos Dalstra will host an afternoon around the life and practice of Bas Jan Ader. They will talk about their research, will show some rarly shown video’s and get more in detail about Ader’s stay in Amsterdam in the summer of 1971. Afterwards there will be a screening of ‘Here is Always Somewhere Else (2007) a documentary about Bas Jan Ader by René Daalder.


    About the speakers:
    For the last 25 years Marion van Wijk and Koos Dalstra have been working on a broad research around Bas Jan Ader for which they talked with the artist’s family, friends and collegues. They also spoke to curators, art historians and other persons who played an important role in Ader’s life. vW&D published several books around the life and practice of one of most well known Dutch artists, most recently Bas Jan Ader: Discovery File 143/76 (2017)


    Funny fact: for more as 35 years Marion lived few houses from where is now our space, so most of vW&D’s research actually took it’s start at our beloved street.

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