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  • 13.10–18.10
    Rosebud #4: Go Eun Im – In the instant of a foreign garden

    Rosebud #4 – In the instant of a foreign garden (7’16) by Go Eun Im
    Tuesday 13 – Sunday 18 October between 2 and 8 pm. 

    In the instant of a foreign garden (2017) by Go Eun Im is an exploration of a diverse set of metaphors and meanings of the garden. The work refers among others to the imagined, mythical, historical and literary garden. The artist combines her personal experiences at the community garden in Amsterdam with notions of ‘becoming and belonging’ and with ideas of the garden understood as the beginning of the world, a lost sanctuary or a utopian place. In the instant of a foreign garden is also informed by an encounter the artist had with the French-Algerian author Hélène Cixous (1937), and her reminiscences of the garden from her childhood. For Hélène this garden was, and still is, a ‘magic circle’. During the war time in Algeria, the local French population planted restrictive rules that rejected her presence as a Jewish child in this ‘foreign garden’. Ever since she has continued to grow the dream of an inclusive and encompassing garden that blurs distinctions of inside and outside, of included and excluded.

  • 03.10
    Thus Spoke the Guaca, a lecture by Francisco Mojica

    Reflecting on his contribution to 2020, Francisco Mojica will delve into objects and materiality that bear force and interact with humans. The lecture is as an excavation of the uncanny manifestations of hidden treasures calling to be recovered, which range from pre-Columbian burial sites to the secret stashes of deceased mafia bosses. Beyond the bizarre nature of the guaca, this lecture aims to raise questions about modernity and subjectivity.


    Thus Spoke the Guaca takes place on Saturday October 3 at 4 pm. If you want to attend, please let us know via

  • 29.09
    2020 Editions: Tatyana Yassievich
    ROZENSTRAAT – A rose is a rose is a rose


    Tatyana Yassievich is offering her beautiful hand-coloured lithographs within the context of 2020.


    ‘Kronstad’ (2006)
    Six hand-coloured lithographs, text Hans Boland, ed. 25, € 2.900, single sheets € 600 each.
    Contact us for more information via

  • 26.09
    An Improvisation (to Contemplate) by Aram Lee

    You are very welcome to join us for this special performance ‘An Improvisation (to Contemplate)’ by Aram Lee in which all art works presented in 2020 will be connected.


    If the improvisational state is an unruly, provisional, un-disciplined and non-written language, can improvisation be used to liberate conventional structures? Can spontaneity encourage us to confront uncertain states without fear? The performance elaborates the politics of improvisation, mediating on time, space and body. The performance is done by Maria Mavridou, a dancer experienced in improvisation and involved with a number of improvisation workshops.


    Let us know if you want to attend via The performances take place on Thursday 24 and Saturday 26 September at 5pm and will be recorded.


    Foto credit: Performance ‘Landscape with bear’ at De Appel (2019).

  • 26.09
    Artist talk by Rosa Johanna

    Rosa Johanna is mainly known for her abstract, grid-based paintings. In 2020 however, she presents her first edit of Shorts, a compilation made from a series of 300 short films (30 sec each), recorded by mobile devices in different countries during the last four years. This Saturday September 26 at 3.30 pm Rosa will elaborate on Shorts [edit 1] (2020) for a limited audience. Please send us an email if you would like to join via

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