The One Minutes – ‘Untitled’ curated by ikkibawiKrrr

This summer, ROZENSTRAAT is teaming up with The One Minutes on Friday Nights! Every week, The One Minutes will screen a different series that has never been shown on the big screen in Amsterdam before. On top of that, we will be serving the most delicious cocktails. Isn’t this the most relaxed way to start your weekend?! Join us! We will be there between 6 to 8 pm.


This Friday, we will screen ‘Untitled’curated by ikkibawiKrrr. The series recognizing plants as the bodies of gods premiered at Solstice at Hortus Nijmegen and will now be on show at ROZENSTRAAT. With a performance by Tianyi Zheng and Community Garden Cocktails by Beth Wong. Don’t miss it!


The series consists of 14 One Minutes recognizing plants as the bodies of gods. The selected films were submitted from Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Rwanda, Serbia, South Korea, Taiwan, United Kingdom and United States.


»We focus on the rising roots, perforated stems, and branches attached to the ground. Their appearance has a certain direction. Sometimes we call the plants strangers. However, perhaps we are the strangers, the ones who are not included in the network.

We focus on plants revealing their presence by themselves. In East Asia, since ancient times, people have believed in old trees, recognizing plants as the bodies of gods. In this context, the tree was a network that connected the sky and the land, as well as connecting villages to villages. In modern society, unfortunately, plants are regarded only as objects, and they have become a landscape to be viewed and a kind of object to be decorated out of necessity.

ikkibawiKrrr wants to show these One Minutes together based on the following criteria: a video that reveals the presence of the plant itself, a video that has the potential to communicate the presence of the plant, and a video that evokes a sense of strangeness in the viewer.
We hope to be together for a long time with the plants themselves, which once again reveal their presence through this One Minute Series.«


Participating artists:
misha de ridder
Margarita Maximova
Erin E. Adams
Hilary Yip
Alan Power
Chris Furby
Miljana Nikovic
Adam Knight
Tianyi Zheng
Remy Ryumugabe
Thea Josepha Konatsu


ikkibawiKrrr is a visual research band founded in 2021 that explores multifaceted links between plants and humanity, civilization and natural phenomena, and colonialism and ecology. Its current members are KO Gyeol, KIM Jungwon, and CHO Jieun. In Korean, ikkibawi means “moss-rock” and krrr is an onomatopoeic word. Mosses live in the thin boundary between air and soil, adapt to their surroundings despite their tiny bodies, and expand their world along other worlds. The fact that the method of survival itself forms a movement, and that this movement sometimes thickens the layer of boundaries, is key to the practice of ikkibawiKrrr. Incorporating the way of mosses in its approach, the collective hopes to circulate its practice beyond individual projects and extend the boundary layer between life and art. ikkibawiKrrr presented their work at Documenta fifteen in Kassel in 2022.


This series was made possible by the support of Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Pictoright Fund and Stichting Stokroos.


Image: ikkibawiKrrr, Untitled, 2022, South Korea (© the artist, courtesy by The One Minutes Foundation).