The One Minutes – ‘Carnival of the ancestors’ curated by Ghetto Biennale

This summer, ROZENSTRAAT is teaming up with The One Minutes on Friday Nights! Every week, The One Minutes will screen a different series that has never been shown on the big screen in Amsterdam before. On top of that, we will be serving the most delicious cocktails. Isn’t this the most relaxed way to start your weekend?! Join us! We will be there between 6 to 8.


This Friday, we will screen ‘Carnival of the ancestors’ curated by Ghetto Biennale.‘Carnival of the ancestors’ premiered 2 July in the Ghetto Biennale neighbourhood in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, before touring the world and will now be on show at ROZENSTRAAT. Don’t miss it!


We will serve the ‘Carnival of the ancestors’ cocktail with Clairin, originated in the countryside of Haiti. Sugar cane is crushed to extract its juice, which is fermented using indigenous yeast strains.


What’ll happen when all the ancestors carnival together? This selection of 15 films shows how our ancestral roots nourish and vibrate in all our lives. The selected films were submitted from Brazil, Cameroon, Haiti, Netherlands, United Kingdom and United States.


»At the Ghetto Biennale we witness the communing of many vibrant cultures, and we all learn from one another in this creative space. This selection of films shows how our ancestral roots nourish and vibrate in all our lives. They depict a universe where all the ancestors can dance together in a transgressive cosmos revealing how the transformative powers of ecstatic dance can connect us against the dark powers of late capitalism.«


The Ghetto Biennale is currently on hold due to the political, economic and social insecurity in Port-au-Prince but we hope that the spirits of the ancestors and the regenerative power of carnival prevail for the sake of the people of Haiti.


Participating artists:
Pinar Demirdag and Sofia Crespo
Erin E. Adams

Radu-Mihai Tanasa
Nicolás Dumit Estévez Raful Espejo, Anna Recasens and Laia Solé
Sander Breure and Witte van Hulzen
Marcos Serafim
Cyrielle Raingou and Felix Klee
Matthijs Blonk
Ben Rivers
Theo Tajes
Annemarie Wadlow
Zé Kielwagen
Irumime Adankuna
Lina Bravo Mora


The Ghetto Biennale is a cross-cultural arts festival held in a popular neighbourhood in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti. It is hosted by the artists’ collective, Atis Rezistans, and has taken place every two years starting in December 2009. Atis Rezistans is a dynamic and grassroots group of artists working in the Grand Rue neighbourhood. This is a shifting and expanding community which contains several experienced, mature artists who have exhibited their work internationally including the Venice Biennale, Italy; and also a range of younger emerging artists from their early teens working in sculpture, photography, video, music, writing and performance.


The Ghetto Biennale issues an international call for artists to apply to come to their neighbourhood to make work, over a period of three weeks, and exhibit alongside work made by the Haitian artists. The work is made and exhibited in a popular neighbourhood traditionally noted for its crafts but more recently as the crucible for a rebirth of radical and contemporary popular arts in Haiti. In the words of the writer John Kieffer, the biennale was hoping to be a “’third space’…an event or moment created through a collaboration between artists from radically different backgrounds”.

The Ghetto Biennale is attempting to momentarily transform spaces, dialogues and relationships considered unthinkable, un-navigable and unworkable into complex, transcultural, creative platforms. The biennale creates an ‘amorphous, chaotic, de-institutionalised space’ for artistic production that attempts to offer, artists from wide socioeconomic classes, a vibrant creative platform. The Ghetto Biennale is about challenging and hopefully transcending ghettoization in all its forms. The Ghetto Biennale exhibited at St Kunigundis Church at documenta fifteen.


This series was made possible by the support of Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Pictoright Fund, Stichting Stokroos and the six Rijkscultuurfondsen.



14-7 – ‘Imagine The Earth Is Your Lover’ curated by Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens

21-7 – ‘Untitled’ curated by ikkibawiKrrr


Image: Video still: Mémoire semi-perméable, Cyrielle Raingou and Felix Klee, 2022.