The One Minutes Series ‘Squeeze Crush Press Blush’ part II curated by Afra Eisma and Marnix van Uum

The One Minutes Series ‘Squeeze Crush Press Blush’ part II

curated by Afra Eisma and Marnix van Uum
Wednesday 13 July

20.00-22.00 pm
Free entrance


For a second night, on Wednesday 13 July, The One Minutes will hack the exhibition ‘The Young Man as a Movie Star: Paranoia, Opulence, Perversion, Competition’ by Bart Groenendaal at ROZENSTRAAT. The installation is an ode to cinema, but the four screens also offer a kaleidoscopic whole, in which image and dialogue correspond in different contexts. The consciously created distraction invites the spectator to move between the films and to extract a personal experience from the gained impressions. In this installation ‘Squeeze Crush Press Blush’ offers a non-linear journey across a multitude of feelings.


The series can be seen in ROZENSTRAAT’s videoroom until July 17.


The One Minutes Series of July and August ‘Squeeze Crush Press Blush’ is curated by Afra Eisma and Marnix van Uum. Twenty-one artists and filmmakers invite you to take a dive into their ever-changing minds. A crack in the gloss, a break, a rupture, a split, a breach, a slit, a smack, a smash, a blow, a bang, a grin, our mind is a container. The selected One Minutes were sent in from China, Belgium, Finland, France, Greece, Netherlands, Suriname, Turkey, United Kingdom and United States.


Afra Eisma (b. 1993, the Netherlands) creates intimate worlds bursting with colour and energy. Her work consists of tufted carpets, ceramics, drawings, paintings and textiles that lead to radiant tactile installations in which connection and generosity are central. She studied Fine Arts at the Royal Academy of Arts, the Hague, and Central Saint Martin’s, London. She has recently shown work at Fries Museum, 1646, Vleeshal (all in the Netherlands) and garden lab, Kyoto, Japan.


Marnix van Uum (b. 1991, the Netherlands) works with media (i.e. video, photography and text) that have descriptive qualities and thus imply to depict (fragments of) reality. He received his BFA from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, as well as his BA in media studies from the University of Amsterdam. Marnix has recently shown work at the MACA Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Alicante (ES); The Wrong Biennale (Online) and Art Rotterdam (NL).


Using the forces of video, The One Minutes wants to contribute to creating spaces for free expression, collective imagination, and global solidarity in our different, yet deeply interconnected realities.


Every two months, The One Minutes releases a new series of one-minute films exploring our current time in moving images. Museums and cultural organisations around the world subscribe to the series.


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