That What is Common and its Distances, screening and artist talk by Tamara Kuselman

That What is Common and its Distances (2022) documents the visit of artist Tamara Kuselman to her father in the somewhat mysterious, rural territory of Capilla del Monte in Córdoba, Argentina. There she dives into his life and his beliefs. She also invites him to compose a song together, acknowledging that they are tuned in different scales.


Oscillating between the importance of the personal and the interpersonal, the film can be regarded as an intimate composition of a conversation between a father who sought for an alternative life and a daughter with unanswered questions. What are the stories we tell ourselves to be happy? How do personal decisions affect the life of others around us? The video peacefully sketches their dynamic, interspersed with musical intermezzos, conversations with neighbors, and with geographical and spiritual insights.


That What is Common and its Distances is Kuselman’s first feature film and is shown as part of the public program of the exhibition Once an Alien by Semâ Bekirović. Both videos deal with the (intergenerational) effects of migration from a ‘daughter perspective’, with a longing for the past and with finding new grounds.

About the artist

Tamara Kuselman (1980, Argentina) lives and works in Amsterdam where she did an MFA at the Sandberg Institute. In recent years she participated in residencies at Hotel Maria Kapel, Jan van Eyck, Delfina Foundation and Vijfde Seizoen. She soon will begin a three-month residency at the EKWC. Solo presentations she had at Hotel Maria Kapel (Hoorn, 2020) and Hilo Galeria (Buenos Aires, 2019). Recently her work has furthermore been included in group exhibitions such as Bienal de Performance (Buenos Aires, 2021), Corridor Project Space (Amsterdam, 2020) and Tegenboschvanvreden (Amsterdam, 2019).