Rosebud #9:
S*an D. Henry-Smith

tremor low

In the newest edition of our Rosebud exhibitions, we proudly present the work of writer and artist S*an D. Henry-Smith. Lately, their work has been shown regularly in Amsterdam, mainly in the form of performances and readings. Their practice, centered in image, text, and sound, extends into photography as well, a selection of which is now presented here in a concentrated way for the first time.


Two figures walk through the forest at the bank of reflecting waters, the Atlantic Ocean greedily sloshes, the morning willow sways. In tremor low, Henry-Smith’s images capture poetic, sometimes melancholic scenes. Other works highlight textural and intertwined patterns found in nature in a very sensory way. Many photos are the result of long wandering walks in the city and far beyond, with the artist acting as an intuitive and reverent witness to their surroundings. The landscape itself and (chance) encounters with people or animals are recurring subjects that present themselves to them. Like the undisturbed grazing cows they encountered near Gein or a glimpse of a friend’s face under an umbrella.


At ROZENSTRAAT an evolving constellation of photographs is presented. The images are shown in an experimental way, in varying formats and sizes, and will be complemented by written works further on in the exhibition. Together the works form a poetic visual rhyme featuring the (mainly Dutch) landscape and the artist’s friends.


The photographs of this series may invite a documentary legibility at first, yet it feels as if more than merely the landscape, a person, or an animal is captured. This may be the artist’s personal experience of being there and then, something they consciously intend to convey to the image. Or perhaps it is the accumulated echoes of time; subtle connections to unarticulated past events that are revealed to us in moments of blur. In yet other works, we encounter art historical, literary, and critical references. It is not easy to point out what exactly happens in the images, Henry-Smith leaves it open-ended, offering a realm for unspoken speculation and the suspension of interpretation.


During the exhibition it is possible to purchase a signed poster by S*an D. Henry-Smith for 20 euro. As long as supplies last. For more information email to