Rosebud #4:
Go Eun Im

In the instant of a foreign garden

Rosebud #4 – In the instant of a foreign garden (7’16) by Go Eun Im
Tuesday 13 – Sunday 18 October between 2 and 8 pm. 

In the instant of a foreign garden (2017) by Go Eun Im is an exploration of a diverse set of metaphors and meanings of the garden. The work refers among others to the imagined, mythical, historical and literary garden. The artist combines her personal experiences at the community garden in Amsterdam with notions of ‘becoming and belonging’ and with ideas of the garden understood as the beginning of the world, a lost sanctuary or a utopian place. In the instant of a foreign garden is also informed by an encounter the artist had with the French-Algerian author Hélène Cixous (1937), and her reminiscences of the garden from her childhood. For Hélène this garden was, and still is, a ‘magic circle’. During the war time in Algeria, the local French population planted restrictive rules that rejected her presence as a Jewish child in this ‘foreign garden’. Ever since she has continued to grow the dream of an inclusive and encompassing garden that blurs distinctions of inside and outside, of included and excluded.