Reading essay ‘Dogs, children, artworks’ by Maurits de Bruijn

Reading Dogs, children, artworks by Maurits de Bruijn
Saturday July 29 at 16.30.


Maurits de Bruijn wrote the essay Dogs, children, artworks that he will read prior to the last screening of Semâ Bekirovic’s film Once an Alien.The essay is commissioned by ROZENSTRAAT and written with Semâ’s exhibition as a starting point. It will be available in English and Dutch on our website from that moment onwards. Make sure to read it online if you can’t make it to the reading, especially when you were unable to see the exhibition. The beautiful and touching essay offers some deep insights into the exhibition.


Maurits de Bruijn (NL, 1984) is the author of two novels Broer (2012) and De achterkant van de zon (2016). In 2020, he published his non-fiction debut Ook mijn Holocaust in which he explores how his mother’s war past echoes through his life. Currently, Maurits is working on the novel Man maakt stuk, which will be published next year, and is editor of art magazine Mister Motley.


This event will be in Dutch

Photo:Yara Jimmink