November 19—November 19, 2022

Reading by Kathe Burkhart

ROZENSTRAAT – A rose is a rose is a rose

Come by for a reading by Kathe Burkhart, Saturday November 19, 5 pm!


As a conceptual artist Kathe Burkhart is best known for her paintings from the longstanding Liz Taylor Series, but she is also active as a photographer, installation-, video- and performance artist, and as a writer. In line with all her work, a critical and feminist approach lies at the heart of her publications. Throughout her career Burkhart published four books; From Under the 8-Ball (1985), The Double Standard (2002, 2005), Between the Lines (2006) and Dudes (2014). Her fifth publication Almost Heaven is coming out soon. On the occasion of her solo exhibition Coronawijf and Other Works Burkhart will read stories and excerpts from her oeuvre.