Poetry Reading ‘Between You and Me’ by Billy Morgan en Stefa Govaart

Join us for a late Sunday afternoon of performative readings by Billy Morgan and Stefa Govaart in the context of the exhibition ‘Between You and Me’by Claudio Goulart and Flavio Pons


The performative readings seek a corporeal dialogue with the artist’s video performances. Both Morgan and Govaart explore the physical and choreographic aspects of language, with themes of the erotic, the sensory, and the sensual permeating their writings.


Porous texts tilting towards removing words or detaching words off the page off their bodies continuously. Unsalted, unsettling words swaying towards a reciprious, dual destination between settling into its own destination and resuming its journey towards the familiar.


Billy Morgan is an artist based in Amsterdam. Combining their written and movement practices, they simultaneously explore the performative potential of text and the poetic potential of performance.


Stefa Govaart is a performance artist living in Brussels. They use their background in dance and theory to draw out themes and histories that have a convoluted relation with their own sense of continuity.


The event is curated by Jimena Casas