Performance Rah Naqvi

This summer, ROZENSTRAAT is teaming up with The One Minutes on Friday nights!


Join us for the first screening, this Friday 30 June from 6 to 8: REST HARD: an act of doing nothing in a safe company curated by Party Office. We will serve the REST HARD cocktail and at 6.30 there will be a performance by Rah Naqvi!


Rah Naqvi (they/them) is an Indian artist, based in Mumbai/Amsterdam. Their work engages in narratives themed around religious and societal polarisation, centring art and their tool for activism. The materiality and techniques in their work are at play to create familiarity with the viewer, with satire, whimsical props, and softness you are made to believe something joyous awaits. Rah questions the very nature of resistance for a queer person whose existence is a continuous act of defiance against normativity. This language of queer defiance extends to their practice of singing, alluding to the polyphonic nature of love and revolution while cautioning against the monotony of a choice-less future.


Upcoming screenings:
7 July  – Carnival of the ancestors curated by Ghetto Biennale

14 July – Imagine The Earth Is Your Lover curated by Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens
21 July – Untitled by ikkibawiKrrr



Rah Naqvi