PERFORMANCE by Mounira Al Solh i.c.w. Jana Saleh

Lackadaisical Sunset to Sunset

‘The public is outside the tent and can only see the shadows of my projections, hear my voice and the playing and sound interventions of Jana that guide the rythm of the performance.
The performance is a text I wrote based, first of all, on my quotidian interpretations of the old names of the hours in Arabic, and connecting them to what is happening today; to ideas of women that are not coming from the Western position but are at times inspired by them and aware of them. These hours of the day and night in Arabic are 24 names, compiled by Al Thaalibi (961-1038). These names are embroidered on the tent, transformed into embellished patterns, and sang in the performance.
In addition to the personalised notions of time, positions in relation to Lebanon’s political contexts, its revolution and its aftermaths, intertwined are ideas of cleaning/ness based on the prayer rituals practiced usually five times a day in Islam; each time to a different hour of the day/night, connecting to the sky, the moon, the movement of the stars and the planets.
Questions regarding the position of women and mulptiple genders are liturgically at play, welcoming and persuading everyone to join the circle and liberate all humans from patriarchal oppression. Thus I sing, I dance, I speak to evoke what is at stake.
– Mounira Al Solh
This performance takes place within the context of the exhibition Interwoven Histories and is organised by Touch/Trace.
Written and Performed by Mounira Al Solh
Music created and played by Jana Saleh
Props: Handmade and handembroidered tent, sheet, overhead projector, projected texts, base guitar, amplifyers, speakers
The performance can be attended at 19.00 or 20.30 and will endure approximately 30 minutes
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please note that a valid COVID QR code and ID card will be checked at the entrance.