Open Call Paadman Video Event


ROZENSTRAAT is partnering with Paadman Video Event, an open-ended, alternative platform for video screenings with itinerant venues, cultural engagement and discourse of interdisciplinary forms in video.

The event was born in Tehran, based in Amsterdam and is organized by Paadmaan Projects.


Apply now and your video may be screened in the upcoming event, planned in Spring!


In the third edition, Paadman’s welcomes submissions that delve into the realms of dream states and dreaming, as well as fantastical facets of the imagination.



For more information and to apply click here!





Supermarket Art Fair


Curators: Foad Alijani and Greg Leshé

@foadalijani @gregleshe



Alice Máselníková @alice_maselnikova

Anastasia Nefedova @follow_the_ana

Emanuele Dainotti @lelevdc

Gabriel Acevedo @gabrielacevedovelarde

Helena Estrela @helenaestrela.v

Madelon van Schie @madelonvanschie

Nima Bahrehmand @nimabahrehmand

Vera Freier

#pve3 #paadmaan_projects