May 31—June 24, 2022

Open Call: Refresh Amsterdam #2

ROZENSTRAAT – A rose is a rose is a rose

Open Call: Refresh Amsterdam #2


Apply before June 25 via


In collaboration with Amsterdam Museum we invite makers to submit their proposals for the second edition of Refresh Amsterdam, themed around War & Conflict.


Refresh Amsterdam is a biennial initiative of the Amsterdam Museum in which contemporary makers with an artistic practice present their vision on urban themes in relation to the city of Amsterdam. This second edition is organized in cooperation with the art collective We Sell Reality. Additional partners include AGA LAB, de Appel, CBK Zuidoost, Framer Framed, Het HEM, De Kleine Komedie, Melkweg Expo, OSCAM, Pakhuis de Zwijger, Rijksakademie, The Black Archives, Tolhuistuin, and W139. Refresh Amsterdam will take place from May through October 2023.


This edition of Refresh Amsterdam addresses the impact of international war and conflict on the contemporary city, and in particular on its inhabitants and social structures. It is instigated by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the societal dialogue around associated topics. Amsterdam has long viewed itself as a city of freedom and a place of refuge. But what does war do to a city and to our social intercourse? Why do certain wars and conflicts situations generate more solidarity than others?


Even in Amsterdam, war and conflict are often close by, although this is sometimes not apparent to everyone. War and conflict serve to shape the city as well as the social fabric of Amsterdam; this includes people who have found a new home here, the xenophobia that often accompanies migration and international conflict, who is able to reside in which neighbourhood, or those who are simply unable to find shelter. How do people with a refugee background see the city? Their resistance and resilience all too often remains underexposed. Conflicts have fueled an influx of refugees here, from the fall of Antwerp in 1584 to the war in Syria that began in 2011. Every day, Amsterdammers with all kinds of backgrounds contribute to the city as it is today. The origins of Amsterdam’s diversity are therefore also rooted in the suffering caused by war, colonialism, and other crises. Yet the impact of such situations is unfortunately disproportionately shared. In any crisis, the poorer, more vulnerable groups in society are the first to feel it and the most affected by it.


We call on makers to reflect on the impact of war and conflict on the city of Amsterdam. We expressly extend this invitation to all kinds of disciplines, from theater and performance to music, poetry, design, and visual arts. With this open call, we are seeking creative makers or collectives with an artistic practice which touches on this theme. Selected proposals will be presented as exhibitions and public programming at the Amsterdam Museum and/or at AGA LAB, de Appel, CBK Zuidoost, Framer Framed, Het HEM, De Kleine Komedie, Melkweg Expo, OSCAM, Pakhuis de Zwijger, Rijksakademie, ROZENSTRAAT – a rose is a rose is a rose, The Black Archives, Tolhuistuin, and W139, as well as other initiatives.


At the conclusion of Refresh Amsterdam, several works will be purchased for the collection of the Amsterdam Museum. The museum’s collection policy is strongly focused on the power of stories and carried out in accordance with the New Narratives programming trajectory, on polyvocality and underexposed histories and perspectives in relation to the city of Amsterdam.


  • Makers who live and work in the Netherlands may submit proposals
  • Proposals must be about new or existing work not older than two years
  • Remuneration for the selected makers will be made according to the guidelines for artists’ fees and the Fair Practice Code
  • A production budget of €2,000 is available (strictly for new work)
  • The application deadline is June 24, 2022
  • Interviews with shortlisted candidates will take place from 1 to 14 September, 2022, after which the final selection will be determined at the end of September
  • All entries must be submitted using the online application form
  • Contact: