Lecture on witchcraft by Susan Smit

Lecture (in Dutch) on witchcraft by Susan Smit on Sunday March 20 at 3 pm.


Within the framework of our current exhibition Frenemy and on the occasion of her book The wisdom of the witch, to be published in April, Susan Smit will give a lecture next Sunday about what witchcraft means to her.


Witchcraft, like all other nature religions in the world, is unorganized. There are no holy books, buildings or prophets, there is no strict teaching. Many people therefore prefer to call it a spiritual path. Susan Smit, who has been on the witch’s path for over twenty years, shares in this book what she herself has learned on her personal development journey. Susan tells you all she knows about the natural laws and philosophy of the ancient religion and gives you the resources for growth.


In this way she shows how the old nature religion can help you in the here and now with dealing with emotions, the relationship with your body and sexuality, maintaining and cleaning your life energy, creativity, intuition, creative power and that it can contribute to a social society. In short, witchcraft teaches us how much nature and feminine values ​​​​can offer us.


Susan Smit (1974) is a writer and columnist for Happinez. She made her debut in 2001 with Heks and has since written eighteen successful books, such as the bestsellers GisèleTropenbruid and De Heks van Limbricht.