Launch of SIC Intertrashional #5 ROOT by Bea McMahon

Please come to the launch of SIC Intertrashional #5 ROOT


at ROZENSTRAAT – a rose is a rose is a rose, Amsterdam


6th October 2019 at 6pm


Milena told Bea about roots growing in the earth. She said they find a space that the earth has vacated for them so they can enter into it bit by bit. 3 months later, Bea said to Milena “Remember that thing you told me about the roots? Like how the earth moves aside for them, so they can travel through it”. Milena replied “No, Bea! I didn’t tell you that! What I said is that in the last chapter of The Power of Movement in Plants, Darwin proposes that the tip of a root behaves as if it is a sort of earthworm, providing the root with an intelligence that is able to follow the path of least resistance in the soil”.


What Milena said and what Bea understood are nearly in the same place – a technical melancholy.


SIC Intertrashional is a mostly black and white A4 zine featuring writers and artists.


SIC is uncorrected.


SIC is distributed at the launch on the 6th October.


There are performances by some of the contributors at the launch. The performances are an extension of the printed paper part.


With contributions by Joost Krijnen, Locky Morris, Nolwenn Salaün, Santiago Fernandez de Mosteyrín, Tchelet Pearl Weisstub, Michiel Hilbrink, Dongyoung Lee, Ana María Gómez López, Arvo Leo, Evelyn Taocheng Wang, Ivan Cheng, Pádraic E. Moore, Sinéad Ní Mhaonaigh, Gaëlle Choisne, Gemma Browne, Temra Pavlovic, Nicanor Parra, Charles Heranval, Leonid Tsvekov, Stav Yeini, Natalia Domínguez Rangel, Lev Ilizirov, AA, Bruno Zhu, Jean Baptiste Maitre, Laurent-David Garnier, Miklos Gaál, Adam Chodzko, Ran Zhang, Christine Moldrickx, Natasha Papadopoulou.


We want to express our gratitude to the AFK for their generous support.