Goth Talk & Margaret Haines Against = No = Yes  

Against = No = Yes
Sunday March 27 from 3 till 5 pm. 


For this event, Goth Talk & Margaret Haines present several readings from artists whose works consider witchcraft, group experiments, psychic inner worlds and authenticity as acts of poetic resistance to a status quo of imposed precepts and passivity, everyday conformities of individuation, harmful electromagnetic waves and silence.



Participating writers and artists:

Becket MWN
Sands Murray Wassink
Steph Kretowicz
Ewen Chardonnet
Aimee Goguen
Alexandra Cassaniti
Marty Windahl
Lara Schoorl
Julie Jones
Jette Loona Hermanis


with musical interludes by:
Delia Gonzalez
Arvida Bystrom
Arthur J. Crowley Moulton
Vasco Cesaretti