March 27—March 27, 2022

Goth Talk & Margaret Haines Against = No = Yes  

Against = No = Yes
Sunday March 27 from 3 till 5 pm. 


For this event, Goth Talk & Margaret Haines present several readings from artists whose works consider witchcraft, group experiments, psychic inner worlds and authenticity as acts of poetic resistance to a status quo of imposed precepts and passivity, everyday conformities of individuation, harmful electromagnetic waves and silence.


This event is live and will be hosted at Rozenstraat in Amsterdam by Goth Talk @goth_talk & Becket MWN


Participating writers and artists:

Becket MWN
Sands Murray Wassink
Steph Kretowicz
Ewen Chardonnet
Aimee Goguen
Alexandra Cassaniti
Marty Windahl
Lara Schoorl
Julie Jones
Jette Loona Hermanis


with musical interludes by:
Delia Gonzalez
Arvida Bystrom
Arthur J. Crowley Moulton
Vasco Cesaretti