December 12—December 12, 2021

Finissage I saw it by ear & live podcast with ja ja ja nee nee nee

It’s the last few days already of the exhibition I saw it by ear, presented by Muro Sur in close collaboration with ROZENSTRAAT. So run don’t walk, this is your last chance! We hope to welcome you on Friday 10 (12-5), Saturday 11 (12-5) or Sunday 12 December (1-5).


I Saw It By Ear is based on the recorded voices by artists describing an artwork to be. Through their narrations the artworks are activated in the mind of the public. The exhibition is loosely based on the idea of the Roman Room, a memory technique based on visualisations. Exposed on fixed locations but in multiple languages and at alternating times, an everchanging ‘overview’ is created.


The exhibition follows up on the project ‘Écfrasis’, which consisted of a double longplay that in 2017 recorded voices by twenty-nine artists that once formed part of the art initiative Muro Sur. This auditory collection was inspired by the old literary tradition ekphrasis, that consists of describing a visual artwork in a vivid way by verbal or written language. The LP was launched in 2019 in the gallery D21 in Santiago de Chile, which marked the first presentation to a Chilean audience.

The participating artists are Juan Castillo, Joaquín Cociña y Cristóbal León, Claudio Correa, Ricardo Cuadros, Gonzalo Díaz, Francisca García, Ignacio Gumucio, Voluspa Jarpa, Francisca Khamis, Marcela Moraga, Carlos Navarrete, Giancarlo Pazzanese, Martín La Roche, Paula Salas, Francisca Sánchez and Cristián Silva.


The audio pieces are situated in a specially designed ‘sound landscape’, made in collaboration with the design studio Cookies. Furthermore, the original longplay disc with all the art works and a documentary video of Muro Sur y Mónica Bengoa will be presented.


Finissage & podcast 
On Sunday December 12 you can enjoy a live podcast made together with Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee RadioHosted by Andrea Gonzalez and Martin la Roche, this program will reflect on the exhibition and its audio pieces. Our guests Inez Piso, Diego Diez, Ricardo Cuadros and Francisca Khamis will guide the listeners through this Muro Sur iteration, talking about ekphrasis, visualizations of dreams and how language influence our understanding of them, to return to some audio works in the show. The podcast will also be streamed by Tsonami radio in Valparaíso, Chile.


From 1PM onwards this Sunday a preview of the video performance I saw it by ear (2021) by Marcela Moraga will be presented along the ongoing exhibition. In this video the artist brings the voices of the exhibition from ‘inside to outside’ the art space. In a walk, starting at Rozenstraat, the artist walks through the Jordaan neighborhood while telling the stories presented in the exhibition.


This exhibition is made in collaboration with ROZENSTRAAT and COOKIES and is supported by the Amsterdamse Fonds voor de Kunst, Mondriaan Fonds, Stichting Muro Sur and the Lectoraat Art & Public Space (LAPS) of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie.


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