Robin Waart

old love/new love

Old Love/ New Love – Robin Waart

19 June – July 31



ROZENSTRAAT – a rose is a rose is happy to present a new project by Amsterdam based artist Robin Waart titled old love/new love in collaboration with rongwrong.


old love/new love celebrates Waart’s new publication EVOL/LOVE  by attempting a new spatialization of the format of artists’ books.


Two stacked handout pieces at ROZENSTRAAT and rongwrong take up the subtitled text as a love letter to love, printed on twelve different tones of pink paper, talking to each other from the first subtitle to the last and back again. Besides this double installation the project consists of a billboard series throughout the city and a curated exhibition at rongwrong titled: For, after, to and because with works by Carel Blotkamp, Peter Downsbrough, Hermann Gabler, Pati Hill, Bunny Rogers, Mitchell Thar and Emily Wardill that runs until July 3rd.


Love is a lot of things. A four letter word. A verb. A noun. A cliché. More of a beginning than an end, in the sense of a goal or destination. Love travels, love moves, love runs. Love is evil, love is good. Love is not deleting pictures off your phone. Enumeration, overkill, singularly plural by default. In between, love is a comma. A specific kind of exaggeration with adequate spacing, the difference between an echo and a response. What happens when you get a cat person to feel like a dog, and love becomes something of a quotation/citation, the commas inverted, an impossible dedication?


old love/new love is furthermore accompanied by a radio broadcast on and a performative walk on July 3rd.

Robin Waart’s work begins with the words of others. He uses repetition and collecting as a framework for projects with books, movie stills, photography and book pages to scratch at questions of (dis)continuity, what it means to do, and look at, the same thing over and over. Waart (NL/UK) lives and works in Amsterdam.


Click here for the website of EVOL/LOVE


EVOL/LOVE is made possible by the Mondriaan Fund, Harten Fonds, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst and will be available at Rozenstraat and De Appel. Thanks to Baptiste Pinteaux, Nicole Huard, Air de Paris, Romainville and Société, Berlin.