Kunsthuis SYB – an evening of conversations and interventions

Carriers, an evening conversation


On Thursday 1 December ROZENSTRAAT hosts an evening of conversations and interventions with the five artists participating in the 2022 Sybren Hellinga Art Prize: Benjamin Francis. Olivia D’Cruz, Peter Scherrebeck Hansen, Sarjon Azouz and Vita Soul Wilmering.


The five artists present installations at Kunsthuis SYB in Beetsterzwaag, comprising moving image, sculpture, ceramic and performance, in a group exhibition entitled Carriers on view until Sunday 4 December. These five works will be ‘re-presented’ at ROZENSTRAAT in Amsterdam, in a live form, a fragment or as documentation. From there, curator Titus Nouwens will initiate a conversation with the artists about their practice.


Jury members Saskia Noor van Imhoff, Laurie Cluitmans and Sanne Luteijn write about the exhibition: ‘we sense a lot of connections and shared sensitivity about maintaining a self in a complex and violent world. We see a strong place for interhuman relations, ways of going against certain authoritarian structures and a search for healing and connection’.

These concerns will be further explored in Carriers, an evening conversation.


We hope you to welcome there.