Artist Talk: Marga van Mechelen in conversation with Lydia Schouten

On the final day of the exhibition, Marga van Mechelen will interview artist Lydia Schouten. It will include a discussion on the rise of video art in the Netherlands, the role of the video artist, the reception of her work and her significance for later generations. What choices did she make and how did she see her position? These and other questions will be addressed during the interview.

Marga van Mechelen (born 1953) is an art historian and art critic, working at the University of Amsterdam until her retirement, where she taught the history and theory of contemporary art. In particular conceptual, performance, installation art and global art. Well-known books by her are De Appel. Performances, installations, video, projects, 1975-1983 (2006), Real Peeters. Realist – Avant-gardist (2011), Art at Large. Through Installation and Performance Art (2013) and with Sanneke Huisman, A Critical History of Media Art in the Netherlands. Platforms, Policies, Technologies(2019). She is currently working on a comprehensive book on the 1960s in the Netherlands.


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