An Improvisation (to Contemplate) by Aram Lee

You are very welcome to join us for this special performance ‘An Improvisation (to Contemplate)’ by Aram Lee in which all art works presented in 2020 will be connected.


If the improvisational state is an unruly, provisional, un-disciplined and non-written language, can improvisation be used to liberate conventional structures? Can spontaneity encourage us to confront uncertain states without fear? The performance elaborates the politics of improvisation, mediating on time, space and body. The performance is done by Maria Mavridou, a dancer specialised in improvisation and involved with a number of improvisation workshops.


Let us know if you want to attend via The performances take place on Thursday 24 and Saturday 26 September at 5pm and will be recorded.


Foto credit: Performance at de-appel ‘Landscape of bear’