December 08—December 08, 2019

DNK Presents: Duo ‘Actualizing Communities’

Duo: ‘Actualizing Communities’


Aaron Foster Breilyn – Percussion (US)
Thea Mesirow – cello (US)


and members of the DNK ensemble:

Seamus Cater
Koen Nutters
Tao G. Vhrovec Sambolec


on instruments, objects, and devices


playing brand new pieces by:

Antoine Beuger, Jeff Brown, Aaron Foster Breilyn, Eva-Maria Houben, Koen Nutters & Emmanuelle Waeckerle.


“Actualizing Communities”, organized and to be performed by Thea Mesirow and Aaron Foster Breilyn, is an attempt to demonstrate the effect that community, audience, and space have on the performance. In the past 7 years of working together, some coast-to-coast, we have seen the incredible support and inclusion that the experimental music community offers, and wanted to formally explore the aspects that draw us not only to the music, but to the people.

The project is in production and includes the commissioning of four new pieces by Antoine Beurger (Dusseldorf), Jeff Brown (Berlin), Emmanuelle Waeckerle (London), and Aaron Foster Breilyn (NYC), performed alongside pieces by Pauline Oliveros, Eva-Maria Houben, Koen Nutters, and Reiko Füting. This program will be performed in the communities of each commissioned composer and various locations throughout Europe and the United States. In each of these cities we will collaborate with the composers and local musicians, reinforcing the communal aspects of performance.



Antoine Beuger – Do we still have time?
Eva-Maria Houben – Throngs
Emanuelle Waeckerle – Some and else where

Aaron Foster Breilyn – Servation in abeyance
Jeff Brown – The Propagation of dust
Koen Nutters – Intervals, time and space between