May 13—August 02, 2020

2020. A collective project by Amsterdam based artists

In the past weeks, Rozenstraat opened up for artists to, independently from each other, create a Gesamtkunstwerk inspired on 2020. A year that, already before the first half ended, has grown to mythic, even apocalyptical proportions. Having become aware of the fact that we reached a breaking point, Rozenstraat feels now is the time to reflect on the past months and to speculate on the ones to come. 2020 can be regarded as a time-document of a period marked by unprecedented uncertainty, in which the importance of resilience, solidarity and connectedness at the same time rarely has been so clear.


The project started with a small number of artists appointed by the Rozenstraat’s team. Each one of them invited another artist, and another, creating an uncontrolled trace of artists. 2020 furthermore evolves according to the cadavre exquis principle, first employed by the Surrealists. Each artist continues where the last one ended, beginning with a few starting points that are left visible. The result will be an improvised, experimental and heterogenous project, based on the intertwined creative forces of artists connected to Amsterdam.


In the upcoming weeks we will inform you on the progress of 2020 via our social media accounts, so stay tuned!

Rozenstraat expects to re-open in early June.